Address:Hospital Clinic Republican,
 or. Chisinau, 
str. Nicolae Testemitanu 29

 Sandul Alexandru
Professor of  Medicine, 
head of  department









Public Health Republican Clinical Hospital (PH RCH)
Otorhinolaryngology Clinic (ORL) 

History and activity 

The ORL Clinic, with a capacity of 30 beds, was founded within RCH in September 1945. 
After only one month of activity the clinic became the base of the chair of the Institute of  Medicine. 

  • The chair was held by outstanding personalities:
  • Prof. Vasile Tchekurin (1945-1951)
  • Prof. Nicolae Mihailoet (1951-1953)
  • Prof. Alexandru Gladkov (1953-1960) eminent clinician, brilliant scientist and surgeon, who studied under professor Leonid Levin at Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad)
  • Prof. Dumitru Bytchenko (1960-1975) renowned clinician, lecturer and scientist, advisor for 8 Ph.D. dissertations in medicine, and scientific consultant for one of Dr. habil., disciple of the coryphaeus of the soviet otorhinolaryngology of academicians Voiacek school of Saint Petersburg city (alias Leningrad)
  • Ph. D. in medicine Ion Antohi (1975-1988) lecturer
  • Prof. Victor Romanov (1988-1990)
  • Prof. Vladimir Popa (1990-1993) famous clinician and surgeon, health manager of the countrys several important medical institutions
 From 1993 until present day, the chair is held by Ion Ababii, Dr. habil. in medicine, prof., academician of the ASRM, the countrys great reformer of the higher medical education, exceptional clinician, surgeon and teacher, scientist  and public health manager, who has been an advisor for 10 Ph.D. dissertations in medicine, and scientific consultant for 2 Dr. habil. dissertations.

The late professors and remarkable managers of medical institutions Mihail Sandul (the first Moldovan to receive a Ph.D. in medicine) and Mihail Zagarschih, renowned clinicians, lecturers and surgeons, founders of the countrys oncological otorhinolaryngology, as well as Rima Parshikov and Leonid Tihomirov, section heads, also made a valuable contribution to the development and prosperity of the clinic. Lecturers Vasile Andriutsa and Anastasia Eremei also had a long and fruitful activity. 

The ORL clinic, directed by Dr. habil. in medicine, prof. Alexandru Sandul, is currently located at the PMS RCH, in a picturesque and ecological zone of Chisinau. It has a capacity of 60 beds and is composed of the republican functional surgery Centre, phonoaudiology and otorhinolaryngologycal rehabilitation Centre (headed by lecturer Sergiu Vetricean, Ph.D.), ORL Chair of USMF Nicolae Testemitanu (headed by Ion Ababii), and auxiliary services (audiology and ORL offices at the hospitals clinic) and autonomic anaesthetic assistance. 

The highly qualified corps of doctors (an academician, 2 professors, 4 lecturers, 3 practitioners with Ph.D.s in medicine), medical assistants and technical staff, are of great value and contributes to the clinic reputation.
The clinic uses all the modern methods and medical equipment for the treatment of diseases of the ORL organs and adjacent zones. 

Emergency assistance is offered around the clock. Routine surgical interventions include a spectrum of outstanding and complicated operations, such as: the ablation of the laryngeal neo-formations by suspended micro-laryngoscopy, different forms of rhinoplasty, functional microsurgery of the middle ear, stapedoplasties and tympanoplasties, etc.), the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. Patients who have medical insurance are treated free of charge. 

Payable services are very accessible.
The clinic staff is constantly up to date with new research and achievements in the field of medicine and their specialised field, implementing them in their daily activity. The doctors have had several training courses at university clinics in Austria, France, Germany, Israel, Romania, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. There have been established contacts and co-operative relations with state and private medical centres in Chisinau and several of the institutes of the Republic of Moldovas Academy of Sciences. 

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