Chronic tonsillitis

   One of the most frequent ENT-diseases   is  chronic tonsillitis - disease of tonsils ,which are  the important organs  that  protect  our organism from infections. Acute  tonsils  inflammation  causes quinsy; if  the process becomes  chronic, long,   chronic tonsillitis develops. 

   In popular speech this disease is called  "  bad glands ". At  chronic tonsillitis  considerable quantity of pus is accumulated in tonsils in which  pathogenic microbes   feel perfectly. Tonsils not only stop working as immune organs , but  turn themselves  into a source of infections. Microbes'  waste products  from tonsils get into blood, poisoning the organism. Consequence of such penetration are headaches, pains in muscles and joints, fatigue, long rise of temperature , depression. 

Chronic tonsillitis is especially dangerous  due to  its the complications connected with unobstructed distribution of  infection throughout  the  organism.  These complications are  pneumonia,  inflammation of middle  ear  with hearing impairment,  allergy aggravation, purulent inflammations of stomatopharynx tissues, prolapses of  heart valve, disease of kidneys. The most dangerous complication of  chronic tonsillitis is the rheumatism affecting  heart and joints.

Possibilities of clinic  "Prima Medica" allow to  carry out    complex treatment of  chronic tonsillitis and accompanying complications, reducing necessity of tonsils  removal to minimum to keep immunity. For  the basic treatment procedures of ozonotherapy  and  physioprocedures are prescribed .  If it is necessary one can take  course  treatment in comfortable conditions of our  day hospital under supervision of the  nurse  and the attending physician. 


Chronic tonsillitis


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